A list of the best strategy games that will appear in 2019

A list of the best strategy games that will appear in 2019

The strategy games which will debut in 2019 promise to be excellent. Enthusiasts of this genre will surely have many games to choose from - both on consoles and PC.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms is one of the most anticipated games in 2019. First of all, it will be the latest installment of the successful series offering turn-based and real-time game. The action will be set in ancient China. This setting hadn’t appeared in any previous part of the game. An interesting expansions system and a promising campaign will be the biggest advantages of this game.

Tropico 6

A list of the best strategy games that will appear in 2019

The fifth part of the Tropico series was a real hit and a game that many people love even today. Producers kept their ambitions high creating Tropico 6. As El Presidente you will be able to expand the tropical island according to your preferences. A new option in the game is the management of several islands. Building new locations, roads or agglomerations will certainly provide you with a lot of fun.

Anno 1800

This economy-based game has very simple rules. You have to build a city from scratch and develop it enough to prosper. It is important to provide your residents entertainment, low taxes and appropriate working conditions. There will also be plenty of wars and alliances. Anno 1800 will be a very complex strategy game. It promises many hours of exciting gameplay.

Warcraft III: Reforged

The cult game Warcraft returns in a refreshed version. The game, which debuted in 2002, was a huge success, winning the hearts of gamers around the world. In the new version, producers primarily focused on refreshing the graphic design. In terms of mechanics, the changed balance will make the game appear more dynamic. The new Warcraft III is a must-have for every fan of this iconic series.

Iron Harvest

Are you looking for a game that will stand out from the competition? In that case, you should be interested in Iron Harvest. The strategy game is set in a very disturbing alternate reality controlled by machines. It takes place in three countries: Germany, Poland and Russia. By expanding your army you will have to hold your ground.

Imperator: Rome

Ancient Rome is a topic which often appears in strategic games. The game called Imperator: Rome is a new look at this historical period. The game stands out of previous parts of the series with a huge map and lots of possibilities. This time the main task will be the development of specific countries. Army management is not the most important element in the game. There will be many families and characters that can do an unexpected mess in the game. This strategy game presents a very high level.