The best free games on PC - the list

The best free games on PC - the list


Counter Strike GO is one of the most popular shooters available for free. The game offers an extensive multiplayer mode which allows you to fight against others on multiple maps. The rules are simple - special forces have to face terrorists. The team with the most points wins. Various weapons are helpful in defeating rivals. Gameplay is at the highest level here. Test your skill with this iconic shooter.


Fortnite has quickly become a game that won both console and PC gamer’s hearts. The introduction of the new Battle Royale turned out to be a hit. This mode allows 100 players to play at once on one map. The graphic design is kept in comic style which is also an interesting alternative from well-known games. It is without a doubt one of the best PC games.

The best free games on PC - the list

Dota 2

In Dota 2 the player becomes a hero who has to face opponents on one big battlefield. Each of the hundreds of available characters has a different style, which diversifies the gameplay. Collecting various items on the battlefield is helpful but not necessary for defeating opponents. The free PC game is characterized by excellent gameplay and a nice graphic design.

World of Tanks

Online tank battles on huge maps have become incredibly popular, thanks to World of Tanks. This is a free game which was the first to introduce such extensive maps. There is also an entire arsenal of tanks from World War II to choose from. In fact, you do not need to spend money for the game. Leveling up is easy and enjoyable. If you have not played World of Tanks yet, you must try it.

World of Warships

Wargaming Studio, after the huge success of World of Tanks, decided to create a game about battleships. This title still remains in the atmosphere of war, transfering players to the open sea. There are real warships from different historical periods to choose from. Mechanics are very similar to the tank game. You can expand your arsenal with new weapons and technologies. This free game was very well received by gamers around the world.

Final Fantasy XV

The world of Final Fantasy in this part of the game is filled with real magic. In this online game you can build cities, collect resources or train your units to fight against opponents. You also have the opportunity to make alliances with friends. Final Fantasy XV is a free PC game which is distinguished by a very nice graphic design.


Neverwinter in an excellent MMORPG game which offers  all the beauty of the Dungeons & Dragons world. The storyline is so interesting that we get sucked into it starting from the first minute of the game. Various character classes beef the game up. You can choose among different heroes starting with magicians and ending with warriors. Great emphasis was placed on the players community and interactions with others. Thanks to this, you can meet many interesting people in the game.