TOP 10 upcoming sports games

TOP 10 upcoming sports games

Sports games are very popular. At least a few interesting games will appear in stores soon. Some of them will surely win the hearts of gamers. Check out upcoming sports games.

Fifa 20

The next edition of the cult football game is coming very soon. At the moment we do not have any full information about Fifa 20 yet, but you can expect that EA Sports will try to bring the game to an even higher level. It is very likely that the game will receive a new, better graphic design, as well as improved mechanics which will bring even more realism. We will see the squads prepared for the next football season. The game will also show us the third part of Alex Hunter’s adventures on his way to fame.

TOP 10 upcoming sports games

Skate 4

The most famous skateboarding simulator is back with a completely new installment. What can you expect from this game? First of all, a significantly improved graphic design and raised realism during the game. A characteristic feature of Skate was the excellent sound setting, which is why we can expect some catchy tracks here too. Of course, Skate 4 will have lots of spectacular evolutions and colorful characters.

NBA 2K20

The release of NBA 2K20 has already been confirmed. Studio 2K will once again show us a great and addictive basketball game. The new game will surely bring improved mechanics offering better control over the ball. The new NBA will be full of spectacular effects and great music. It's worth waiting for this game!

Trials Rising

Trials Rising is an arcade and sports game in one. In Trials Rising you will have to sit behind the steering handles of a motorbike. The 3D graphic design and a view characteristic for platform games is a great mix. The producer focused on interesting maps offering various obstacles. The task is simple - you have to travel safely to the destination point. It will be possible to play with friends in multiplayer mode.

Dirt Rally 2.0

The Dirt series is intended for rally enthusiasts. The creators stood up to the task and created a very realistic game which allows you to literally be the rally driver. Having a gaming steering wheel at home will make the game even more realistic. Of course, the new Dirt game will include well-known WRC routes from countries such as Poland, Australia and New Zealand.

Dangerous Driving

There will be great freedom in choosing cars and routes in Dangerous Driving. By developing huge speed you will even be able to ride sideways. The producer decided to make this game spectacular which is why it is so impressive. There are various modes allowing to compete against other players.