Star Wars Battlefront review

Star Wars Battlefront review

Released in 2015, Star Wars: Battlefront is another game in the assets of the Swedish studio DICE. The developer is known primarily for the Battlefield series, but the team has also created Mirror's Edge, Pinball Fantasies and RalliSport Challenge. 


Battlefront is the next part of a series of multiplayer shooters from the Star Wars universe, which previous full-fledged part - Star Wars:Battlefront II (Classic) - was released in 2005. This part, however, was created by another studio.


The game is designed mainly for multiplayer mode, so it does not have a storyline. It is based on the skirmishes between the Rebel Alliance and Imperial Stormtroopers who are fighting for power on various maps known from the universe created by George Lucas. During the game, we can also play as such icons as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and many more.

Star Wars Battlefront review

The gameplay is not much different from other shooters. The player can observe the action from a first or third person perspective, between which you can switch at any time. Depending on the game mode, forty people fighting at the same time can participate in skirmishes. During the game, not only individual skills count but also the cooperation with other team members.


There are two main modes available - offline and online. The first one are so-called Missions, divided into several types. In one of them, our task is to resist waves of enemies controlled by the AI. The main attraction, however, is the online mode, which is divided into many modes, including:

 - Squadron - fight between fighters

 - Skirmish - traditional deathmatch

 - Supermement - clashes between heroes, vehicles and ships are about taking over five control points

 - Hunting a hero - one player becomes a hero and the rest of the players try to eliminate him

 - Heroes and villains - clashes of heroes. Eliminated heroes are reborn as ordinary soldiers. The team which loses all heroes loses the match.


The production was created thanks to the Frostbite 3 technology thanks to which it offers high-quality textures, spectacular special effects and the atmosphere of Star Wars pouring out of the screen.